What Is Pre-Pop On CPA Marketing And How To Pre-Pop On Maxbounty

Pre-Pop is an amazing feature that is often overlooked by most publishers. I personally love pre-popping offers and find that it often increases conversions a lot.

You might be wondering: What heck is pre-pop?

Pre-Pop is the ability to prepopulate CPA offers fields with existing user data. For example, if you have a big email list with subscribers first name, last name and email address, you can easily send out this information pre-filled for your users, so when they open the offer their information will be already filled in with what you provided, like magic.

In order to pre-pop offers, you will need to find CPA offers that allow it. They will usually say that pre-pop is accepted on their description, but some simply don’t and still support it. You can either ask your affiliate manager or test yourself.

How To Find The Code Manually

I’ll base my example on “Samples Avenue – Netflix” CPA offer from Maxbounty. Why? because this is a perfect example of Sweepstake offer that allows pre-pop and because Maxbounty is the best network out there that offers this feature at easy.

Maxbounty Offer that supports prepop


As you can see, it is available but it does not show us how to. You can surely ask your affiliate manager for the directives, but I find that sometimes the information they have is either outdated or won’t work at all.

So instead, let’s figure out ourselves, manually!

First let’s go to the offer landing page and inspect the source code of the page and find the first field, “First name”.

Maxbounty offer - how to find the prepop directives manually

We can see that the name attribute for the element is “firstname”. In most offers, the name attribute will be our key for prepopping the field, but in some cases, it can be the id too, so test and see what works.

Now that we know that firstname is the field name, let’s add that to the end of our Maxbounty offer URL along with the following code:


By adding &x= to the end of the tracking URL tells Maxbounty that we want to pre-pop and that the pre-pop code starts after “x=” . Have a look at the example below with an actual offer and my tracking link :


As you can see, as soon as we land on the page, the firstname field is filled like magic! (In case you are not from the US, you won’t be able to see the offer page).

Now that it works you would do the same process for all fields, but there is a catch that most people don’t know…

In order to add another field, you typically would delimiter it with a &, for example, &x=firstname=Test&lastame=Test2 . In theory, it should work fine, but in reality, it doesn’t… In order to properly add another field, you must add %26 , which is  “&” url encoded. So it would look like this:


It’s a little weird since only this part must be URL encoded. You might also be wondering how you would encode the address field for example, because it has spaces. But you don’t have to worry… You don’t have to encode anything at all besides the “&”.

https://www.mb102.com/lnk.asp?o=13750&c=918277&a=227917&k=D37EB6A139CBA7C1AFF579DF03B95374&l=14457&s1=prepopdemo&x=firstname=Test%26lastname=test2%26address=1 Main Street

As you can see, it works beautifully!

As a last consideration, I would like to mention the gender field. These are usually a problem. You can’t tell by the source code. By experience, it is usually  “gender=0” for female or “gender=1” for male. Some offers also are “gender=male” and “gender=female” , while some others don’t work at all, unfortunately.

With all that information, you will be golden 🙂  Let me know if it works for you guys and if you have any questions.

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